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Inspiration from 10 Entrepreneurial Heavyweights

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The following was contributed by Intuit’s Leslie Barber after attending the QuickBooks Connect conference. Barber’s articles are in partnership with Intuit Labs. I attended the QuickBooks Connect conference with thousands of other small business owners, accountants and developers. I listened to many accomplished entrepreneurs as they shared their experiences, as well as tips they’d learned […]

Reducing the Risk and Expense of Innovation


Diana Kander is a successful entrepreneur and a Senior Fellow at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the largest nonprofit in the world dedicated to entrepreneurship and education. She is also New York Times best-selling author, public speaker, consultant and writer and advises founders and Fortune 500 executives on her methodology for launching customer-focused products and […]

Going Global From the Get-Go


If you want your business to remain competitive you have to expand internationally. If you don’t, your competitors will. This sentiment rings true for both large and small businesses, yet corporations often have more resources to do so. So, where does that leave startups? “In today’s world you can’t stay local,” said Lindsey Grossman, group […]

Finding Your Next Opportunity

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Design for Delight (D4D) is comprised of a set of methods and techniques that Intuit uses to get to delight and innovation. They’re not tied to a project plan or any other process, which means you can use them at any time, depending on what you need to accomplish. This is part of a five-part series to […]

Staying Relevant With Emerging Technology

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Engineers Chris Lesner and Marcello de Salles have a lot in common. Both remember tinkering with toys, examining parts and putting them back together as children. And both discovered their passion for programming years before immigrating to the United States. Growing up behind the Iron Curtain, Lesner first saw a rotary telephone and black-and-white TV […]

Prodigy Vows to Offer Affordable, 3D-Printed Prosthetics


It wouldn’t be the first time Easton LaChappelle’s father extinguished a small inferno in his son’s bedroom. LaChappelle liked to play with fire — the teenage inventor built a gasoline motor for his bike and numerous rockets before designing his first prosthetic hand using LEGOs, fishing wire and electrical tubing. Later he created a 3D-printed […]

Innovation is for Everyone


Innovation is for everyone — and three Demandforce salespeople are out to prove it. Brittany Perez, Tyler Hansen and Sareena Hirani spent five days learning Intuit’s style of design thinking at Incubation Week to better understand their customers and transform the way the outbound calling/sales powerhouse does business. And just three years after being acquired by Intuit, […]

What Should You Really Measure?

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When you’re building an entirely new kind of product, how do you measure success? And is that the same for every kind of product, in every sector — nonprofit, government, tech, whatever? Alistair Croll, Eric Ries and Danielle Morrill discussed these questions in depth, during an hour-long webcast. Here’s a recording of their conversation, and it covers some fresh ways […]

Test Your Way to the Right Answer


Nearly 70 innovators sought to inspire and teach innovation at The Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco. One of those speakers was Mighty Handle’s Anita Newton. Her talk explained how the same innovative practices can be used to establish startups of all kinds. This is a story that originally appeared on The How and we’re republishing it […]

We Can’t Find Customers to Interview. Now what?


In its “Now What?” series, The How connects startups with experienced entrepreneurs, who offer deep, relevant advice. This is a story that originally appeared on The How and we’re republishing it as part of our partnership with The How. Minute Sitter’s issue: We’re in the process of testing the market for an iPhone app that […]