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Stop Sprinkling Emotion, Start Creating Magic and Meaning

Amanda O’Grady is a design strategist at Intuit where she brings emotion into the design and development process to deliver product […]


Inspiring Innovation One Intern at a Time

“I believe our education system is doing a disservice by creating an environment where everything is so structured,” said Ryan […]


Never Assume — Especially You, Entrepreneur

What does it feel like to have a terrible business idea? The kind where people laugh behind your back as you walk away? Take a moment. […]


8 Mind-Blowing Gadgets Controlled by Brainwaves

Brain-computer interfaces are no longer a thing of the future. A new generation of brain-powered wearable devices — which detect […]


7 Reasons Why Emotionally-Intelligent People Are Great Innovators

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a crucial asset for leaders and employees but it’s been discovered that emotionally-intelligent people […]


Learn Intuit’s Innovation Methodologies

Intuit just launched the Intuit Innovation Institute, a place for businesses to learn how innovation best practices, like design […]


Be Terrified of Working on the Wrong Things

We all know that hard work and good luck are key to startups’ success. But what if that’s not true? What if all startups have people […]

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Experimentation 101: So You’re Ready to Write a Hypothesis

To get the most clear results out of your tests, marketing experts Cindy Alvarez, Alistair Croll and Anita Newton all emphasize the […]


Grounded in Experimentation: A Q&A with Back to the Roots

With distribution deals in national chains like Costco and Target, Back to the Roots has come a long way from their first experiment […]


We Tested, But Nobody Uses Our Site. Now What?

The startup’s problem: We’re trying to create a marketplace for consumers (think: eBay, Etsy, or UrbanSitter — but a little more […]

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