​- Scott Cook​, Founder, Intuit Inc.

Design for Delight, aka D4D, is a series of three principles which represent how we innovate at Intuit. D4D’s goal is to help teams to be bold by going beyond customer expectations, evoking positive emotion throughout the customer experience, and delivering dramatic improvements in our customers’ lives.

Principle #1: Deep Customer Empathy
Why is this important- Empathy allows us to get inspired and embrace the unexpected. By gaining a deeper understanding of our customer, what their pain points are, why and how they are currently doing something, it gives us that inspiration to innovate and come up with solutions to change their lives so profoundly that they can’t imagine going back to the old way of doing things.

Principle #2: Go Broad to Go Narrow
Why is this important- To get to one great idea, you need a lot of them. The trick is to go for quantity first, then be intentional about narrowing these down to the best one. To inspire bold innovation you can leverage go broad to go narrow to define the ideal state.

Principle #3: Rapid Experiments with Customers
Why is this important- Rapid experiments help you make better decisions based on actual user behaviors. Decisions are better based on facts than conjecture; experiments are usually the best way to get the facts. Experiments can help you discover the truth before build. Experiments help teams align on the customer.