Innovation Catalysts

Our Network of Internal Innovation Mentors

Who We Are


Innovation Catalysts are a community of employees who facilitate and coach teams and individuals across the company to use Design for Delight principles and tools to innovate.

Our Philosophy



Inspire and ignite the imagination and passion of others to create an innovative culture where we consistently delight customers.

How it Works

Employees are trained as innovation catalysts and then apply those skills to their own teams and spend up to 10 percent of their time coaching, mentoring and inspiring employees outside of their team.
Anyone at Intuit can ask for coaching help from an innovation catalyst, on their projects or their unstructured time projects.
Innovation catalysts are able to share and draw from the experiences and learnings of other innovation catalysts in the community.


Our goal is to ensure that Design for Delight is in the DNA of Intuit.

How employees use innovation catalysts:

1. To help them think outside of the box and reframe their challenges
2. To help them get to deeper insights and inspiration for innovations
3. To help them experiment faster, to learn faster

Why employees like being innovation catalysts:

1. To be regarded as an expert and called upon to inspire others to do amazing things
2. To observe other projects and areas we are innovating on across the company
3. To be part of a broader community of like-minded design thinkers, provocateurs and incredibly creative people and to stay on the cutting edge with design-thinking methods and tools

Success Stories

Since the Innovation Catalyst program was launched companywide in 2009, we have been involved in hundreds of internal and external innovations in all areas of Intuit. Innovation catalysts have helped that have create awesome new products (SnapTax) and have coached teams to innovations on large strategic projects, small unstructured time projects and in functions such as Human Resources, Finance and Legal.

See some success stories…

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