2×2 Narrowing

Go broad to go narrow

When to use it

You have a number of ideas and need to evaluate and narrow your focus.

Why Use It

• Explore relationships and tensions between two goals, values, motivations, or other characteristics.
• Prioritize your ideas using criteria important to you and your customers.

How to Use It

1. Experiment with word pairs for axis labels. It often takes a
few iterations to arrive at useful labels for analyzing ideas. We find it useful to use words that are opposites (high / low) and impact feasibility (great / poor).

2. Place idea Post-Its in the appropriate quadrants. You should have Post-Its in all quadrants. If you find they are all clustered in one quadrant, brainstorm another axis label.

3. Photograph the populated 2×2 and related notes.

4. Iterate: Develop multiple versions of 2x2s to uncover additional insights and refine your point of view on which ideas to explore first..

D4D Tools: 2×2 Narrowing from Intuit Inc.


15 minutes.

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