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Team Members: Ben Blank, Baiaboo Rai, Mike Gabriel, Ram Gopal, Vivien Park
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Brainstorm helps you and your team make rapid progress on your next great idea! Answer a few simple questions about your idea, and we’ll turn your answers into an engaging “pitch” you can share with investors, advisors and prospective team members. Follow Intuit’s step-by-step “SUCCESSion” milestones, from first customer to market, recording your experiments and data along the way. We’ll help you learn how to become a better innovator, while creating a winning story for your idea.

Brainstorm was built for innovation teams inside Intuit, so corporate innovation features are built right in. Create innovations challenges and pipeline to engage your community of users, then track stats across your entire organization. Designed with first time innovators in mind, Brainstorm helps your entire organization learn how to become more innovative. Try Brainstorm today!


Baiaboo Rai

Software Engineer


Mike Gabriel

Software Engineer


Ram Gopal

Principal Software Engineer


Ben Blank

Product Manager

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