“D4D IS OUR #1 SECRET WEAPON AT INTUIT. THERE IS NO #2.” – Scott Cook​, co-Founder, Intuit Inc.


Design for Delight is a series of three principles which represent how we innovate at Intuit. Intuit’s most successful teams apply Design for Delight to bold new ideas, as well as their daily work, continuously delighting our customers as a result.

The Principles of Design for Delight

Deep Customer Empathy

Deep Customer Empathy fosters shared understanding, insights, and motivation to improve the lives of our customers. We gain empathy by observing people where and when they are experiencing pains or problems.

Go Broad to Go Narrow

Going Broad to Go Narrow focuses our energy on what is most important. We “go broad” by using our creativity to explore a variety of potential solutions. We “go narrow” by focusing on bold solutions most likely to delight our customers.

Rapid Experiments with Customers

Rapid Experiments with Customers tests our solutions quickly. When we run experiments with real customers, we quickly learn what works and what does not, saving valuable time and resources when making our next decision.